“…As we roll toward completion in late summer – on budget and on time –it is almost impossible to imagine that we could have accomplished so much so fast and so well and so happily…Oza has been a great, guiding presence on the scene. He has kept the entire project on budget and on schedule…and has worked substantially to create and to maintain our equally-satisfying relationship to Satterfield & Pontikes.

None of this has been easy…Oza’s loyalty and commitment, good judgment, character and great good taste have infused the process with these qualities. We simply could not have asked for, or received more…”

Jesse H. Jones Faculty Offices/Law Library Renovations
Lawrence G. Sager, Dean (former)
School of Law, The University of Texas At Austin

 “The Harris County Hospital District’s Thomas Street Clinic entered into what will be remembered as the most pleasant relationship between and occupant and an architect …to convert a building built in the early 1900’s into a modern healthcare facility and be sensitive to the needs of our clients.

Our drab, doomed clinic was amazingly turned into a large cheerful, hopeful clinic…and the true measure of Mr. Bouchard’s success was the fact that the clinic remained in operation during the entire renovation period. The most overwhelming measure of success is the flood of complements we still receive as our clinic is constantly showcased…”

Carolyn Barrett, RN BSN
Director, Thomas Street Clinic
Harris County Hospital District

 “Mr. Bouchard exhibited not only professional manner as an architect, but was also very perceptive to our needs. It is not often that creative people and business people see eye to eye, but in Mr. Bouchard’s case this was very much the rule. His ability to work closely with our project team and the contractor’s team has earned him our respect and admiration…”

David W. Beck
President/Chief Business Banking Officer
Frost National Bank at Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc.




George A. Pontikes, Jr.
Satterfield & Pontikes Construction, Inc.

John S. Marshall
Vice President
Satterfield & Pontikes Construction, Inc.

Carol M. Warkoczewski, AIA, MSOLE
City Architect
City of San Antonio

Carolyn Karabinos
Director of Business Development
Balfour Beatty

Ryan Stick


The Billiard Factory