Architectural, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical systems are intertwined in the design process for compatibility and to ensure the success of your project. This process is an ongoing effort that continues throughout the duration of a project from the development of construction documents and specifications, through construction.  During each of these phases, more and more decisions are made that further define the design solution and actively involves your participation as the client.  From selection of materials, to analyzing the cost/benefit relationship of the myriad of systems, the design process continues.

For me, this is what Architecture is all about, and my approach to practicing it. This approach is participatory, and encourages the active participation of you as the client/user, with me as the architect to act together as a cohesive team developing a sense of ownership in the  process and the solution. There are no problems, only solutions that haven’t been assigned.

This is the type of commitment to design excellence and client goals I strive for.  This is the type of architecture that I practice, and the quality of service I provide.